Refrigerator Repair


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A refrigerator is one of the most essential appliances in the kitchen. You need to store your entire perishable foodstuff to avoid spoiling especially if you buy your food in bulk. Nonetheless, a refrigerator that has broken can lead to huge food loss and this will lead to wastage.

It is, therefore, significant to address the problems that are related to refrigerators. You will also want to hire an appliance repair service that you are sure they will repair your refrigerator the same day you call them.

QuickFix Sioux City Appliance Repair is the best choice. We are able to repair all your refrigerator issues the same day that we visit your home (learn more here). Thus, you won’t have to throw away food or even run into losses. After all, we all after saving money and minimize wastage.



Among the calls we receive for refrigerator repair is about loud noises produced by the refrigerators. These noises come from the condenser fan motor or the evaporator fan motor that are food inside the freezer. In this case, we try to determine the source of the noise coming from your refrigerator while on phone with you so that we can bring along all the parts we will need for repair during our visit.


Refrigerators also leak water. This is caused by a broken water inlet valve or if the door latch or closure is having a problem. The good news is that our repairmen can handle these leaks too all you need to do is to give us a call and we will fix it as soon as we get to your door.


A refrigerator may fail to run if not properly plugged in or if there is a tripped circuit breaker in the kitchen. Nevertheless, there are those times when you will find out that you have connected your refrigerator correctly but it’s still not working. This now implies that there are other problems which may be temperature control malfunction or a broken compressor overload relay. As such, check that you have properly plugged in your refrigerator before calling us.


An ice maker is supposed to make ice frequently as long as the freezer is on. However, it may also fail to make ice for some reasons such as the temperature control in the freezer, a broken water inlet valve or broken water fill tubes. Other times, the ice makers may be slow in making ice thus producing smelly ice cubes. We fix all these problems too.


Temperature is also another issue that makes a refrigerator fail to work. It is usually caused by a broken inlet damper. Additionally, if the refrigerator is too cold it is caused by the thermostat or temperature control. Our technical team is capable of diagnosing the problems and determine the solution. We will fix fridge temperature issues too.


Even though we rarely receive calls to repair refrigerator’s water dispensers, they are bound to break down too. This is mainly caused by the failure of the water inlet valve or dispenser actuators to work properly.


If your refrigerator’s door closure or latch is broken, you may experience leaking. Nonetheless, when we go for repair appointments we can carry hinges, gaskets and seals that we will use to repair the door to ensure that it closes properly. Your major task is to let us know about the problem and leave the rest to us.